The Children's Garden

Highview's Garden

Cathedral's Garden

(Pembroke Co-operative Nursery School Inc.)

Phone: (613) 735-2259

Special Activities


teddy bear's picnic


Special indoor activities may include baking, community visitors, "tea" parties, teddy bear picnics, birthday celebrations, popcorn days for the schoolers, pj days...


 Special outdoor activities may include rainy day walks, adopting and studying the growth of particular trees, gardening, composting, community clean-up experiences, neighbourhood walks...

farm excursion                                                                                               


Field trips may include bus rides or walks to the fire station, dentist's office, hospital, airport, fitness centre, grocery store, farm, organic gardens, pumpkin patch, bakery, deli, parks, splash pad, pet shop, dairy, library, maple sugar bush...



Extra curricular family activities may include sleigh rides, skating party, Halloween party, class photos, parent education workshops, Snospree activities, Christkindlmarkt children's activities, graduation celebrations, year-end party, scrapbooking events, a variety of fundraisers...


Fund raisers that support our programs may include a spring yard sale, the sale of nursery school clothing, Halloween and Christkindlmarkt activities, Scholastic book orders and Delta Bingo. We encourage all families and friends to support these activities, especially Delta Bingo which provides us with much needed funds to purchase toys, books and equipment, and funds for field trips and other special activities like our annual skating party!

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